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Butterfly Rocks

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It is the time of year when the butterflies are beginning their long migration south. We recently visited the Cobourg Ecology Garden, (Coboug Ontario) and I decided to make a few decoupaged butterfly rocks to leave in their rock garden. If you notice, one rock doesn’t fit the theme. It is a painted bird rock that I decided to take to the gardens too. I added some positive messages to my rocks this time … spread your wings, fly free, smile, family and a heart. There is one garden dedicated to rocks, and the sign says it all. I left
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An Enjoyable Break

Categories: Crafty's Projects, Eye on the Sky, Out and About, and What's Been Happening?.

We were so lucky to have a week away at a cottage recently. How wonderful to sit by the lake, watch the wildlife, watch the sunset, go for leisurely walks and enjoy the sounds of the lake lapping on shore. The cottage was right on the lake front and we could see the most glorious sunsets in the evenings. Other cottagers and campers would flock to the lake front to view the sunsets. Who could blame them. Even though it was hot during the day it was so lovely to sit by the campfire at night. There were a few
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The Fisguard Lighthouse

Categories: British Columbia, Crafty's Projects, and Nature Crafts.

The Fisguard Lighthouse is a favourite place to visit on our trips to British Columbia. I can’t believe that I haven’t shared photos from this place. As I just completed a craft of a photo of the lighthouse decoupaged onto a shell, this is the perfect time to share both. A few years ago our granddaughter said this was the place she wanted to visit with us. So on a foggy September day off we went to climb the stairs leading up to the lighthouse and then to climb the circular stairs inside. Naturally we had to count the stairs
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Decoupage Rocks

Categories: Crafty's Projects, Nature Crafts, Rocks, and Whimsy.

The latest project I’m working on is decoupage rocks. I did a lot of rock painting which was lots of fun but I wanted to change it up a little bit. This craft is fantastic for those that say they can’t paint on rocks. All you have to do is paint the whole rock one colour and then add some photos. My inspiration for this craft came from my mother in law many years ago when she gave us some rocks she had decoupaged. She was a crafter just like me. Unfortunately after about 35 years the flowers on this
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