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Feathered Friends

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Many varieties of birds are returning to the garden for spring and summer. The camera is always ready to snap photos. We are always thrilled to see the indigo bunting in the garden. Unfortunately it is only a passer through and we usually don’t see it again except at the end of May. A leucitic dove has been spotted several times. Leucitic means when there is a partial loss of pigmentation which results in white or patchy colouring. Doves are year round visitors in the garden. A leucitic grackle also visited the garden awhile ago. The catbird has been checking
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D for Doves

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There is always an abundance of mourning doves in and around the garden.  They are year round visitors and it is lovely to hear their wooing or cooing call in the spring and summer months. In winter they settle down into the fresh snow on the deck railings and soak up the sun.  Sometimes there is a whole line of them. Their head always seems to be on the small size for its body.  They are a softish brown to a buff coloured tan with black spots on their wings. They are fluffy and content … I’m not sure I
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2sDay Doves

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2sDay Doves May 16, 2017 It’s 2sDay and time for photos of 2 of the same thing.  This week it is doves. Doves, or mourning doves, are frequent visitors to the garden all year round.  They are a light brown/grey colour with long tails. They have a distinctive coo-ooo-oo call.  Pairs stick together and often return to the same areas year after year. Doves are frequent visitors to the flat feeder but mostly you will see them on the ground cleaning up the spills of seed. More 2sDay photos
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