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Common and Hooded Mergansers

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~ Ducks are usually so obliging when you want to take photographs unless they decide to dive under the water as you click the shutter button or they turn their head just when you think you have the perfect shot or they are a long way out of range or the lighting isn’t quite right and the photos come out dark.  Well okay, maybe they aren’t so obliging after all. I’m lucky to have a few good photos of the common merganser and the hooded merganser.  Some are from out trips to British Columbia and some are from local spots like
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Sunning, Preening, Feeding, Waddling

Categories: Down by the Bay and Out and About.

A walk down by the bay is always a relaxing treat with so many photo opportunities.  The water is calm and the water birds are plentiful. It was the perfect day to relax on a bench and look out over the water.   The ducks were enjoying the water and the grass. They always cluster in this spot as folks will throw bread and crumbs to them. Ducks, cormorants and gulls were perched on the rocks enjoying the lovely day. The still pond was almost covered in lily pads and there were several beautiful blooms open in the sun.  Turtles
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A Family Walk

Categories: Down by the Bay.

On Monday morning we went for one of our walks down by the bay.  It seems it was a morning for family outings. Mother duck and her ducklings … … another group of ducklings … … a large flock of geese out walking by the parking lot We counted 6 geese (perhaps all moms) and about 35 young geese.  They had certainly found some tasty bits to eat from the grass. Heading back to the water after a snack. You can see it was a hazy morning.  The humidex reading was 42 Celsius (about 114 F for my non metric
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The Sun Ramp

Categories: Down by the Bay and Lens Friends.

On one of our favourite walks down by the bay we noticed something new had been added to the pond.  As well as all the old tree root stumps that are anchored in the pond there was a new ramp for sunning on.  Not for the people but for the turtles and ducks. The turtles will find any sunny spot they can … on a muddy patch … on the old tree root stumps … on the back of each other … it gets quite crowded at times. Here is the new platform with 4 ramps on it.   The
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Along the Waterfront Trail

Categories: Out and About.

At the beginning of the week we needed to go downtown to Service Canada to renew the licence sticker.  While there we walked for awhile on the Waterfront Trail.  The Moira River runs through Belleville and along most of it there is a wonderful walking trail. The part of the trail we walked that day was the part at the lower end of Front Street, under Dundas Street and under the CP rail line to Victoria Harbour. It was a dull day and there were a few sprinkles of rain.  This is a view looking north along the river to
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