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Spotting Eagles

Categories: Birds and British Columbia.

E for Eagles. The thing we look for the most when visiting British Columbia is the eagles.  Our favourite place to see them is Goldstream Park in Victoria BC. This year we were so lucky to see many eagles, perhaps because of the time of year we were visiting.  They go to the park because of the salmon run and in mid December there were many salmon dead on the banks of the stream (finished spawning) and the eagles are there to have a feast. It was a foggy day when we visiting but there were so many eagles in
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E for Evening Primrose

Categories: Plants.

Evening primrose, or Sundrop, is a lovely, quick spreading perennial plant for the garden.  My Oenothera is the yellow variety but it does come in other colours (pink, white).  It is not related to the primrose family of plants In large clumps they provide spectacular colour. from late June onwards. In the spring the new florets appear in the garden.  Who knew they would grow to be at least 35 cm or more tall? It quickly starts its upward growth and the leaves start to turn green. You can just see a bit of the first red leaves at the very
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