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Amazing Sculptures

Categories: British Columbia.

Just look at these amazing sculptures that we saw at the Esquimalt Lagoon and Royal Bay beach.  The artists used driftwood and shells to create these gorgeous creatures. This one, titled McGnarly the Beach Ent created by Drifted Creations, was seen on our visit in December 2018. He is about 10 feet high and is the guardian of the lagoon.  This artist has other creations in Campbell River (dinosaur, eagle, whale) and Oyster River and lots of other places. These are recent additions to the lagoon by artist Paul Lewis.  Our daughter took these photos and sent them to me
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Categories: Birds, British Columbia, and Lens Friends.

One of the shore birds we saw while walking the beaches in September in British Columbia was the sandpiper.  At first I thought these are the least sandpipers as they were fairly small, but they could be sanderlings which also look very similar.  There are about 20 species and identification can be a challenge.
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