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Alphabetical Garden Tour – F

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The flowers and foliage on the garden tour include (from top left across)  four o’clocks, fuchsia, feverfew, foxglove, and ferns.  I”m sure you figured out the letter of the week is F. It’s time for my weekly alphabetical garden tour to share what’s in the garden starting with F (birds, plants, whimsy and more). This garden series is not necessarily the garden in its present state. It covers the four seasons and photos are from my garden archives. Feathered friends include finches (both purple and gold), the flycatcher and flickers. The fairies aren’t to be left out.  Every garden deserves some whimsy
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Who LIves Here?

Categories: Whimsy.

I just love to add whimsy to the garden. On one of our trips exploring stores and garden centers in small towns and villages I discovered this little set of a door and 2 windows and just had to have it for the garden. And look, already a garden gnome has come to visit. But where are the fairies?  I guess I wasn’t up early enough to see them.  I’ll have to plant some foxgloves as legend has it that the fairies sleep in the bell shaped flowers and sometimes wear them as gloves. The spots inside the flowers are
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