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A Whimsical Weekend

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I’ve added some whimsy to the garden this weekend. I’m working outside in chunks of time as this is my really bad allergy time and it is non stop sneezing and nose blowing. I have quite a collection of garden frogs that are displayed by the bridge in front of a big clump of daylilies. I made a little sign, can’t remember where I first saw this saying, but thought it was cute. At one time I did have a ceramic toad but it either got broken or misplaced. I’ll have to hunt for a new one to complete the
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Garden Update Mid August

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I’ve missed a couple of weeks of garden updates while our family was visiting.  But for the past couple of days the weather has been wonderful for working outside and I’ve been trimming, deadheading and planning what to move and to where.  It is still so dry to move anything yet, but when the weather and soil is right I’ll know just what I need to do.  I”ve also been taking some photos of the various parts of the garden and of some of the plants that are blooming. The Let’s Streak hosta is just starting to bloom.  There are
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We added some new perennial grasses to the garden this past season.  There is a front triangle garden that was full of perennial bloomers like heliopsis, coreopsis, purple coneflower and lots of oriental and asiatic lilies. It was a high maintenance garden.  When I had my knee surgery  in 2011 I knew I couldn’t keep up with the constant deadheading.  And the lilies had those awful red lily beetles that meant “pick and squish” on a daily basis.  With alot of sadness the lilies were dug up and those beetles never appeared again. Here is a photo of the garden
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