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What’s in the Garden? – G

Categories: Alphabetical Gardening.

It’s time for ABC Wednesday and my alphabetical garden tour this week shares what’s in the garden starting with G – birds, plants, whimsy and more. There are plenty of plants beginning with G – globe thistle, godetia, geraniums, gazinia, gerbera daisies, and garlic chives. One year I even grew garlic. The goldfinches are year round visitors but the rose breasted grosbeak only visits in the summer months. Then there are those pesky grackles that come to eat all they can. I love garden whimsy and over the years have made several different types of gazing balls.  The big ones
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G for Goldfinches

Categories: Birds.

The American or Eastern goldfinch, Carduelis tristis, belongs to the finch family. These cheeky little birds frequent the garden in all seasons.  They flock to the feeders, especially before a storm, and will also flit from flower to flower in the garden looking for seeds.  Here they are in their winter plumage.   The markings on their wing and tail feathers is lovely and seems a lot darker when the birds are in their summer plumage.  You can pick out the finches as they fly through the garden as they move in an undulating or up and down flight path. They
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2sDay Rose Breasted Grosbeak

Categories: 2sDay and Birds.

  It’s 2sDay and time for photos of two of the same things. Today I have photos of the female and male grosbeak at the feeder at the same time.  They visit the feeders from early May till October and will also bring in their young to the different feeders. The male grosbeak is black, white with red on its breast and is very noticeable at the different feeders.  They can be up to 22 cm on length The females and the young are streaked brown and white and their large beaks give them their name. We are having some lovely
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Categories: Plants and Seeds.

ABC Wednesday is sharing things that begin with G this week.  I’m sharing colourful blooms from previous years to get us through the dull and dreary months of winter. Godetia, Clarkia Amoena, also known as satin flower or silk flower.  It is also known as farewell to spring as the blooms prefer the warmer temperatures the end of spring brings, but not overly hot. These are lovely, long lasting annuals that I received in a seed swap a few years ago. I save the seeds for future years and to grow and to swap. Godetia grows well in containers or
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G is for Gerbera

Categories: Plants.

I’ve followed a link party for awhile now, called Alphabe-Thursday.  I thought that over the winter I would join in whenever possible and put a gardening twist on it by showing plants and flowers that start with the letter of the week.  It will be lovely to look through my photo files and choose photos and it will be a great way for me to check out what did and didn’t work in the garden last year.  And it will be a great way to beat some winter blahs while dreaming about gardening. This week the letter is G and
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