Those Garden Names

Those Garden Names

As the first week of July progesses it is getting hotter again.  It was hazy and humid by mid week.  The pot gardens need lots of water during these times.

The feeders are very busy places with hummingbirds, orioles, goldfinches, grosbeaks, house finches, woodpeckers, sparrows and more.


The robin nest over the garage door has 3 new little babies all calling for food.


The diamond garden (named for its shape, not the rocks I found while digging there) is doing really well.  Our property faces north but this garden gets a fair bit of sun all day long.   A lot of the plants were added last year … miscanthus (I didn’t think they had survived  the winter and are slow to grow) coral bells, some ribbon grass, some stella d’oro lilies, coreopsis, rudbekia (which is growing really tall in this area), ehcinacea, sedum,  a first year money plant and a second year one.  Just ignore the weeds and grassy bits … I’ll attack them soon!


The white coral dawn roses are blooming in the trellis garden.


How lovely to brush by the lavender and smell that wonderful aroma.  This plant grows in the sunny north garden along with lady’s mantle, coreopsis, iris, yucca, feverfew, rudbekia and more.  It is a garden at the front but gets lots of sun from mid day onwards.  The hostas, bleeding heart and solomon seal grow in the shady north.


On the plant tables the veggies are doing really well … lots of blooms on the scarlet runner beans, pea pods almost ready to pick and tiny green tomatoes growing on all the plants.


The windmill garden is looking better with milkweed, ditch lilies and coreopsis in bloom.  The big pot of nasturtiums is really filling in.


Down at the bridge garden there are lots of ditch lilies on one side and yellow day lilies on the other side.  Hank the heron has wandered down here this year as there was so much rain the run off stream had lots of water in it.  Then there are those 2 wooden kids that always sit on the bridge railing just admiring the stream and perhaps hoping to catch a frog or two.

I give my garden names … the pot garden, the windmill garden, the deck garden, the fence garden, the diamond garden, sunny north, shady north, bridge garden, the hill garden, the barrow garden, and veggie garden.  My names are nothing elaborate … either named because of something in the garden (windmill or fence) or because of the location.  Do you name your garden areas?

I’m sharing  with Cottage Garden Party and Fertilizer Friday.

The plants in the gardens and containers are in varying stages of blooms.  I’ve grouped them into stages (my names) and can move them around each week as they move through the stages.  This is a good reference for me to look back at next year for comparison.

Budding – lavender, liatris,   shasta daisies, drumstick allium, sedum, echinacea, hostas

Blooming -astillbe, ditch lilies,  roses (bush), rudbekia,  coral bells, weigela,  petunias,  fuchsia, evening primrose, coreopsis, Bressingham Blue hosta, creeping jenny, clematis, feverfew, pansies, lady’s mantle, lavender

Fading –  honeysuckle vine, oxeye daisies, ninebark, climbing roses

Seeding – lunaria, columbine, dianthus, bleeding heart,  oxeye daisies

Green leaves  – iris, yellow molly alliums, lily of the valley, yellow daylilies, yucca

Vanished till next year – tulips, daffodils, poppies,

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Garden Under ‘Hosta’ge

Garden Under ‘Hosta’ge

Just a little play on words … the gardens are under ‘hosta’ge.   The hostas are spreading and spreading and some have started to send up their flower spikes and one has even bloomed. I know the names of about 6 hostas.  I’m always doing research trying to find out names.   I get a suggestion and then check it out online and see some differences.  I’ve created my own naming system … green with white edges, green with cream edges, big dark green leaves, small light green leaves etc.


This is the north facing garden that I call the front shade garden.  There are 7 hostas here but 2 of them can’t be seen in the photo as they are closer to the window and new one last year.  The others have been in the garden for a few years.


Here is the view behind the big clump of green with white edged hosta.  Now you can see the 2 newer ones that are visible from this angle.


This is just a slightly different view and it include another hostas by the big pot of fuchsia.  This hostas is sending up the flower spikes.


A bit further along is the Bressingham Blue hosta which is always the first to blooms.


Another spot in the front garden beside the patio/path has a hosta with a potentilla shrub behind.  This shrub is covered in masses of yellow flowers this year.  The little frog friend has been in many spots in the garden (he looks like yours doesn’t he Linda from woke up, got out of bed) and this year he is helping with the digging by the front patio.


I love to create mosaic images and this one shows the different hostas in the garden.  I love all the shades of greens and the patterns on the leaves.


My latest adventures is pots under ‘hosta’ge.  The big one in the middle was given to me by a neighbour last year.  I didn’t have a spot in the garden at that time so used a big pot which I stored in the garden over the winter.  I was so pleased with how it survived and grew I started dividing bits off the other hostas and potting them up too.  The front patio area is now lined with 6 potted hostas.  The big clumps will need dividing next year so I’ll have more potted hostas.

I’m sharing my ‘hosta’ge gardens with Cottage Garden Party and Fertilizer Friday.

The plants in the gardens and containers are in varying stages of blooms.  I’ve grouped them into stages (my names) and can move them around each week as they move through the stages.  This is a good reference for me to look back at next year for comparison.

Budding – lavender, liatris, , astillbe, ditch lilies,  roses (bush), rudbekia,  shasta daisies, drumstick allium, ssedum

Blooming – oxeye daisies,  coral bells, weigela, ninebark, yellow daylilies,  petunias,  fuchsia, evening primrose, climbing roses, coreopsis, Bressingham Blue hosta, creeping jenny, clematis, feverfew, pansies, lady’s mantle, feverfew, lavender

Fading –  honeysuckle vine,

Seeding – lunaria, columbine, dianthus, bleeding heart,

Green leaves (blooms finished) – iris, yellow molly alliums, lily of the valley,

Vanished till next year – tulips, daffodils, poppies

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The Arrival of Summer

The Arrival of Summer

This week is the start of the summer season.  This week the weather is still changeable (for the better) …from pouring rain most of Sunday, to unexpected showers on Monday,  to warming up for the rest of the week.  The evening are still cooler (perfect for sleeping), about 5 or 6 Celsius when I get up in the morning.

The corner pot garden is the view from the kitchen door.  The pansies are starting to fade a bit, but the 4 o’clocks are growing very quickly.  The green bottle has some bits and pieces of bleeding heart that were trimmed from a huge plant that was drooping over a hosta.  The strawberry pot has hens & chicks on the top and creeping jenny in the sides holes.

deck corner

When I come out of the kitchen door and look left I can see the trellis garden and one of the plant tables.


The honeysuckle vine is glorious right now but the climbing rose needs some attention, pesty bugs eating the leaves.

windmill gdn

The windmill garden can be seen when looking over the deck railing.  It is still looking a bit messy but the nasturtiums are finally growing.  That tub was dug up a couple of times by the darn squirrel or chimpumk.  A second plant table holds the pots of canna, cosmos, zinnias and peruvian daffodils.  Mr. Potts is still looking quite happy as the guardian of this garden.  Actually since he has been there the critters have stopped digging in the pots.  I’m sure that is just a coincidence.

tipsypotsjune2013b   tipsybucketsjune2013a   ladderplanter2013a

The tipsy pots and buckets are doing really well.  The creeping jenny on the ladder planter is growing very quickly and starting to bud.

The plants in the gardens and containers are in varying stages of blooms.

Budding – lavender, liatris, Bressingham Blue hosta, astillbe, ditch lilies, creeping jenny,  clematis, roses (bush), rudbekia, feverfew, shasta daisies, drumstick allium

Blooming – oxeye daisies,  dianthus, coral bells, weigela, ninebark, yellow daylilies, honeysuckle vine, petunias,  fuchsiaevening primrose, climbing roses, coreopsis,

Fading – bleeding heart, iris, columbine, yellow molly alliums,  pansies (need a good trim back to grow again)

Seeding – lunaria, columbine

Growing tallertomatoes, 4 o’clocks, cosmos, zinnias, canna, peruvian daffodils, hosta, heliopsis, beebalm,

 I’m sharing my weekly garden update with Cottage Garden Party and Fertilizer Friday

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Lots of Wonderful Growth

Lots of Wonderful Growth

The gardens are growing profusely as June moves to the mid way point.  A bit of warmth and a lot of rain does wonders for the plants … especially the veggies.

The beginning of the week was rainy and we just got the wanna be grass cut in time before the clouds opened up.  Darn, now all that rain will make it grow again.  Monday set a record for rainfall in our area … 27.6 mm, a record that hadn’t been broken since 1951.  Tuesday was a damp day too, but the rain did move out of the area by the afternoon.  Thank goodness as the planters are getting water logged.  Wednesday was a lovely sunny day, perfect to catch up on some weeding.  However it was back to rain again on Thursday.  So we did a trip to the library in the morning and I popped in and out when I could in the afternoon when it cleared up.  Friday (today) looks like a lovely day … sun, blue sky and temperatures rising.


The pole beans and purple hyacinth bean vine seeds are poking through the ground.  I’m growing them both up the same trellis this year so I can see the contrast in the leaf colour and the bloom colour.


The peas are getting all those little tendrils that cling to the trellis.  I have peas growing in an old recycle container and also in the corners of the big pots the tomato plants are in.  I can’t wait to taste the crunchy goodness of the peas pods.


The tomato plants are getting the little yellow blooms.  Won’t be long now till the tiny green tomatoes appear.

scarlet runners 2013a

The scarlet runner beans have been growing really well and are sending up those climbing shoots.  They are just touching the first rung of the trellis.  I’ve also been trying to use us some of my older seed and in a couple of big black pots I added old tomato cages and some blue morning glory seeds.  They all popped up after a few days.  I’m hoping they grow and twine around the wire cage to give some nice colour that I can move around the garden into those bare spots that just seem to appear.

plant table 2013a

Here is a view of one of the plant tables.  There is a big pot of climbing beans that isn’t visible from this angel.  I’m trying a couple of bigger tomato cages this year and they are even colour coded to the yellow and red tomatoes.  At the top of the photo you can see the honeysuckle vine in bloom.


What fun it is to watch the Egyptian walking onions develop the little bulbs.  I’ll soon have lots more little ewo bulbs to swap or give away.


The climbing rose has been sending out new shoots all over the trellis and at the beginning of the week the buds were starting to show some colour.

peonies june13a

The peony blooms have dropped their petals, leaving just the center of the flower.  I was thrilled to get 3 blooms on this first year plant and I’m already thinking about how many blooms will appear next year.

The plants are in varying stages of blooms.

Fading – peony, poppy, bleeding heart

Hanging on – iris

Blooming – daisies,  dianthus, lunaria, yellow molly alliums, coral bells, weigela, ninebark, daylilies, honeysuckle vine, petunias, pansies, fuschia,

Budding – lavender, coreopsis, liatris, Bressingham Blue hosta, astillbe, ditch lilies, creeping jenny, evening primrose, clematis, roses

I’ve been doing a bit of pruning back as well as some of the fading plants are flopping over other plants.

I hope your garden is doing well.  I’m sharing this weekly update with Cottage Garden PartyFertilizer Friday, and Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.

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June in the Garden

June in the Garden

The first week of June and the garden is flourishing.  The month started our hot and humid with some rain and a bit of thunder on the first day. There was lots of rain overnight into Sunday, then we have had cooler nights (around 7 Celsius) and lovely afternoons about 18 to 20 Celsius. There is rain for Thursday and perhaps into the weekend and temperatures are around 18 Celsius.

The poppies have been popping out all over … in the front garden, on the hill and by the deck.


Lovely yellow and purple iris started to open.


The yellow iris are a friendship planting.


The delicate snow in summer blooms have popped out everywhere.  They are mixed in with the poppies and the colour combinations are lovely.


My favourite bloom this week has to be the peony.  These were dry root plantings from Veseys in 2012.  They overwintered really well and produced buds this spring.  Those buds have been getting bigger and bigger and on June 2 they opened.  If only they didn’t drop so quickly.


The yucca have been doing well after being transplanted last year from a friend’s garden.

yucca growth1

Each of the three plants shows new growth but one of them (center photo) has 4 brand new shoots coming up.  Yeah!

Other plants blooming are daisies, dianthus,columbine, yellow day lily and coral bells.  Buds are forming on the astillbe.

What’s happening in your garden at the beginning of June?

It’s time to share the garden with  Cottage Garden Party and Fertilizer Friday.

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The Garden as May Ends

The Garden as May Ends

May has slipped away.  It is always a busy time in the garden.  The weather was so changeable … wind, rain, thunder, cool temperatures with the odd warm day tossed in.

The poppies have lots of buds and some are opening up, in fact a few more have opened since taking this photo yesterday.  The iris buds are showing little tips of colour.


The snow in summer is starting to bloom.  I like this plant at this time of the year but once the blooms finish it gets very floppy and starts spreading.  That is when I start pulling it out, which never seems to harm the plant as it always grows back the next year.  In the bottom right you can see the Lady’s Mantle that I love to photograph after the rain.


The peony buds continue to get bigger and it looks like there might be 3 blooms this year.


The robin has her babies that she is busy feeding.

The wanna be grass grows and grows and grows and in between rain storms gets cut and cut and cut.

The hosta in the front shade garden are showing all their wonderful shades of green and delightful patterns.


The cuttings from all these hostas that were transplanted to big pots for the shady front path are doing really well.  Why didn’t I do this in other years?


Have you visited Cottage Garden Party and Fertilizer Friday?  You’ll see lots of great things happening in gardens from around the world.

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