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A Whimsical Weekend

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I’ve added some whimsy to the garden this weekend. I’m working outside in chunks of time as this is my really bad allergy time and it is non stop sneezing and nose blowing. I have quite a collection of garden frogs that are displayed by the bridge in front of a big clump of daylilies. I made a little sign, can’t remember where I first saw this saying, but thought it was cute. At one time I did have a ceramic toad but it either got broken or misplaced. I’ll have to hunt for a new one to complete the
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Daylilies are the perfect perennial for the garden as they require very little care, will grow in hot, sunny locations with little water and seem to tolerate most soil conditions. Daylilies belong to the genus Hemerocallis and they come in many varieties and colours.  The inner part called the throat can be a different colour to the actual leaves. Daylilies are perennials and the clumps get bigger each year.  Clumps can be divided in the spring before blooming.  The bigger the clump, the more scapes and then more blooms. Many buds will form on one stem and one bud a day
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The Back Shade Garden

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Is a garden ever complete? probably not, as when you sit back and observe you see something that might be changed. But for now we are saying the back shade garden is complete. Planning for this garden started last year when we started collecting logs from the landfill site. This is how it looked in early spring. Now it has been filled with ferns, trillium, hosta, columbine, bleeding heart and astilbe. We went shopping for all of these plants in the front shade garden. When I looked at the prices at the garden centres I was amazed, and realized we
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Improving the Windmill Garden

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The improvement/downsizing of the windmill garden has been one of the big projects so far this year. After working in this garden this is how it looks right now. My aim is to make the garden as maintenance free as possible. So keeping the old fountain filled with plants and watering it constantly was one of the first things to go. The cement blocks had started to look untidy and keeping the grass out of them was a monumental task, so they had to go to. Both went to new garden owners. The size of the garden was cut down
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Creating and Downsizing

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Gardening just doesn’t happen overnight. Last year we decided to create a new garden between the back trees which is a shady area. The first thing we did was bring home a lot of logs from the local landfill which would become the edge of the garden. Some of the logs were cut, a trench dug, and the logs were set in place. We also had some old railway ties which were put in for another edging. This was done in early fall as the leaves were falling. Lots of leaves were piled into the new garden area and on
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