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What’s in the Garden? – G

Categories: Alphabetical Gardening.

It’s time for ABC Wednesday and my alphabetical garden tour this week shares what’s in the garden starting with G – birds, plants, whimsy and more. There are plenty of plants beginning with G – globe thistle, godetia, geraniums, gazinia, gerbera daisies, and garlic chives. One year I even grew garlic. The goldfinches are year round visitors but the rose breasted grosbeak only visits in the summer months. Then there are those pesky grackles that come to eat all they can. I love garden whimsy and over the years have made several different types of gazing balls.  The big ones
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Gazing Ball

Categories: Garden Projects and Whimsy.

Every garden deserves a bit of whimsy. I converted an old bowling ball into a gazing ball. This is a great trash to treasure idea. You can get old bowling balls from Freecycle groups, from the bowling alley, from thrift stores or garage sales.  Using glue such as Crafters Goop, Silicone II, or No More Nails I glued on those flat sided gems you can buy at dollar and craft stores. When it was completely dry the whole ball was grouted in a waterproof grout. After removing the extra grout and polishing the ball you have a wonderful gazing ball
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