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What’s in the Garden? – G

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It’s time for ABC Wednesday and my alphabetical garden tour this week shares what’s in the garden starting with G – birds, plants, whimsy and more. There are plenty of plants beginning with G – globe thistle, godetia, geraniums, gazinia, gerbera daisies, and garlic chives. One year I even grew garlic. The goldfinches are year round visitors but the rose breasted grosbeak only visits in the summer months. Then there are those pesky grackles that come to eat all they can. I love garden whimsy and over the years have made several different types of gazing balls.  The big ones
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G for Goldfinches

Categories: Birds.

The American or Eastern goldfinch, Carduelis tristis, belongs to the finch family. These cheeky little birds frequent the garden in all seasons.  They flock to the feeders, especially before a storm, and will also flit from flower to flower in the garden looking for seeds.  Here they are in their winter plumage.   The markings on their wing and tail feathers is lovely and seems a lot darker when the birds are in their summer plumage.  You can pick out the finches as they fly through the garden as they move in an undulating or up and down flight path. They
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Getting More Seasonal

Categories: Birds, The Garden 2017, and What's Been Happening?.

~ The weather is getting more seasonal as we move into October.  The Fall colours haven’t been as spectacular this year and the past few days have been rainy and windy causing the leaves to flutter to the ground. We have a few different ways to check on the weather, besides just looking or standing outside.  One of them is a Fitzroy storm glass.  For just about all of the summer this barometer didn’t register anything and I was beginning to think it wasn’t working and needed resetting.  But in the past couple of weeks the crystal formations have been
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2sDay Goldfinches

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It’s 2sDay and time for photos of two of the same things. Today is another rainy day, so I dug back in the photo archives to find some photos to share. This one was taken a year or so ago when the goldfinches were snacking on the seeds of the cosmos plant. This one was taken in April 2017 as the goldfinches were turning to their summer yellow. This one was taken at the beginning of May 2017 … much more yellow. Goldfinches are year round visitors to the garden and enjoy food from the various feeders, even  the hanging
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The Hanging Mesh Feeder

Categories: Birds and Lens Friends.

For my birthday I received this lovely whimsical hanging mesh bird feeder.  As that was back in March it has been hanging in the third bedroom, which is also my sewing room.  A few weeks ago I got it hanging in one of the cedar trees so that it is visible from the deck. The top of the feeder has a metal cut out bird and it has been decorated with goldfinches, bugs and other nature items.  So it was very fitting that the first birds to find and enjoy this feeder were the goldfinches. At first they were a
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