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The Great Blue Heron

Categories: Birds, British Columbia, Down by the Bay, and Lens Friends.

The great blue heron has been spotted at many places we visit … down by the bay, the pond, out west, and in wetlands. It was a challenge choosing some of my favourites to share today. This heron is a large wading bird, in fact it is the largest heron in Canada You can’t see me, I’m hiding in the shrubs at the pond. At Whiffen Spit, BC, the heron sits on a log perch looking out over the water. The herons love to preen themselves and take on some amazing poses while doing it. They appear to be blue-grey
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Fall-ing into October

Categories: Lens Friends and The Garden 2017.

  We are into a new season now.  September finished off with a really hot spell, in fact some of the days were hotter than the in July and August.  A quick rain storm abruptly brought that weather to an end and in a matter of minutes the temperature started dropping down. It was so hot the squirrel was relaxing under the back tree. The garden has been un-decorated and all stored away in the garage and shed.  I planted up a new couple of new yucca plants that I had grown from some root when a big plant got
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Down by the Bay

Categories: Down by the Bay and Lens Friends.

  While walking down by the bay we spotted a pair of lesser yellowlegs shorebirds.  These were most likely migrant birds passing through.  We had seen the greater yellowlegs while in British Columbia last year. These were feeding in a muddy patch and some shallow water left over from the high waters in the lake where it flooded a few areas on the waterfront trail. I was lucky to capture the great blue heron just as it took off in its hunt for more food. It has a huge wingspan. It has been foggy overnight and when we arrived there
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