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The Tea Thyme Tree

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Last year in the honeysuckle garden I hung all sorts of tea bits and pieces when I was inspired after seeing something similar at the Saylor Cafe in Bloomfield.  In mid April of this year I started to hang the cups, jugs, mugs and pots for another year.  I also added the old bistro set that was in another part of the garden.  The legs are broken but I just hate throwing things away. Skip from April 14, 2017 to May 20, 2017 and this is what the area looks like now.   The honeysuckle shrub is no longer bare,
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From Leaves to Blooms to Almost Berries

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 It’s is the beginning of June and it is time to check in with the tree following at Lucy’s blog.  Since the last update about 4 weeks ago on the honeysuckle shrub it has made amazing progress … the buds turned to leaves … the blooms appeared and left … and the berries are starting to form.  So many new shoots appeared where it was trimmed and it is now lovely and full.  It has all been happening so fast it is hard to keep up.  I’ve taken lots of photos and it was just as hard choosing which ones
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