Alphabetical Garden Tour – H

Alphabetical Garden Tour – H


It is time for the alphabet search at ABC Wednesday. There is always something on the garden tour that starts with H.

Some birds beginning with H that we see in the garden are house finch, humming bird and hawk.

some birds beginning with H at
birds beginning with H

Things always go quiet when the hawk is around.  He loves to perch up high and get a good view of the garden.  Hummingbirds are a favourite visitor and can be seen frequently flitting in and out of the feeders that I fill with homemade food.  The house finches can be year round visitors but appear most regularly in the spring and summer months.

The flowers beginning with H are heliopsis, honeysuckle vine, hens & chicks, hostas, and hollyhocks  This week the plants are all perennials, from low to tall growing, to vines on the trellis.  

plants beginning with H at
plants beginning with H

Hostas are the main plant in the shade gardens.  From small plants they have grown into big bushy plants and I’m frequently splitting them and moving them to new places in the garden or giving them away to neighbours and friends.

hosta varieties growing at

I name my garden areas and one of them is the honeysuckle garden.  A favourite time is when the berries are in bloom in the late spring and the cedar waxwings come in to feed on them.  One year I documented the progress of honeysuckle shrub in this garden for a year.  I love doing these sorts of things and can look back and see the progress in different times of the year.

the honeysuckle garden at

Every garden deserves some whimsy and the hosepipe wreath was one of the first things I made several years ago.  It has been through a few transformations and locations over the years.

the hosepipe wreath at
hosepipe wreath

I made a hanging mesh feeder and the birds loved it.  Check out how simple it was to make.

hanging mesh feeder at
hanging mesh feeder

It is always a fun and happy time when family come to spend time in the garden.  There are tea parties, soccer games, rolling down hills, hunting for frogs, and lots of laughter and hugs.

grandkids in the garden at
family visiting

While on our travels out and about I found the letter H – the end of a pergola, a window frame, and a support of some sort.

the letter H at

I’m adding to my personal alphabet with the letter H for this week.

H – helpful, handy, happy, hard working,

the gardener side at

I’m sharing with ABC Wednesday.

This is the 25th round for this very popular link up. Be sure to check out what others have found for the letter of the week.

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