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Alphabetical Garden Tour – H

Categories: Alphabetical Gardening.

It is time for the alphabet search at ABC Wednesday. There is always something on the garden tour that starts with H. Some birds beginning with H that we see in the garden are house finch, humming bird and hawk. Things always go quiet when the hawk is around.  He loves to perch up high and get a good view of the garden.  Hummingbirds are a favourite visitor and can be seen frequently flitting in and out of the feeders that I fill with homemade food.  The house finches can be year round visitors but appear most regularly in the spring
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Pressing the Hosta Leaves

Categories: Garden Projects and The Garden 2017.

The hosta leaves are amazing this year, perhaps due to the very wet spring we had.  This is the shady north facing hosta garden and already the hosta are overlapping each other.  Other plants that grow really well in this garden are bleeding hearts, lily of the valley, trillium and astilbe. I love all the different shades of greens mixed with creams and whites and all the different textures and patterns on them.  This year I decided to try using the flower press to save some. I’ve got two different flower presses, a traditional wood one and a clay microwave
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Garden Under ‘Hosta’ge

Categories: Garden areas, Plants, and The Garden 2013.

Just a little play on words … the gardens are under ‘hosta’ge.   The hostas are spreading and spreading and some have started to send up their flower spikes and one has even bloomed. I know the names of about 6 hostas.  I’m always doing research trying to find out names.   I get a suggestion and then check it out online and see some differences.  I’ve created my own naming system … green with white edges, green with cream edges, big dark green leaves, small light green leaves etc. This is the north facing garden that I call the
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