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ABC Wednesday follows the alphabet and uses a letter each week for participants to come up with all sorts of things that start with that letter.  I’ve been following a gardening theme  which gives me a chance to review various plants and decide if I will add them to the garden again if they are annuals or decide if they were in the right place if they are perennials. This week the letter is I and I’ve chosen impatiens also called busy Lizzie. Our house faces north so I need to get shade loving plants if I want any blooms
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I is for Iris

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I is for Iris. I love the spring when the perennial iris blooms.  There are a few different varieties in the gardens from the early blooming mini purple to the mid height yellow to the tall purples, maroons and yellows.  Each has their own time to bloom which makes it seems like there is iris in the garden for a long time each spring. I hope this series of colourful blooms will bright some happiness into your winter day. These gorgeous frilly yellow beauties are my favourite.  I’m glad to see them on this winter day and I look forward
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