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What’s in the Garden? – I

Categories: Alphabetical Gardening.

The garden tour letter for this week is I. One of my favourite pieces of garden whimsy is Inuky.  I actually have two of them in different parts of the garden.  This was my creative way of using up some old bricks.   The traditional inuksuks are made from rock and are stone monuments used by the Inuit as a marker for special places, interesting places, marking trails or location of food or people, navigation, or migration routes of the caribou. Iris plants of different sizes and colours are next for starting with I.  My favourites are the mid sized yellow iris
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ABC Wednesday follows the alphabet and uses a letter each week for participants to come up with all sorts of things that start with that letter.  I’ve been following a gardening theme  which gives me a chance to review various plants and decide if I will add them to the garden again if they are annuals or decide if they were in the right place if they are perennials. This week the letter is I and I’ve chosen impatiens also called busy Lizzie. Our house faces north so I need to get shade loving plants if I want any blooms
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