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Alphabetical Gardening – J

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Join me for my alphabetical garden tour with things starting with J. Juncos, one of my favourite little birds, are mainly winter visitors but they do arrive in the late Fall and stay until about mid spring.  Juncos enjoy all the feeders and will also feed in groups on the ground. There aren’t that many plants in the garden starting with J but one of them is Jerusalem artichokes.  This is a perennial edible plant that gets extremely tall.  It can also be an invasive plant as if you leave just the smallest bit of root in the ground it
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Slate Coloured Juncos

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~ The little slate coloured juncos are frequent winter visitors to the gardens.  Juncos are found across North America and they vary slightly in appearance from east to west. Here in my part of Ontario, Canada we see the slate coloured juncos.  They are mainly end of Fall, winter, early spring visitors.  They certainly enhance our winter bird viewing. It has a solid black/dark grey head, neck, back and wings.  The rest of the little body is white.  The males are a bit darker than the females. They are mainly ground feeders and can be seen in groups under the
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Jerusalem Artichoke

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J is for Jerusalem Artichoke. Don’t let the name fool you, the Jerusalem Artichoke has nothing to do with artichokes or Jerusalem.It is in the sunflower family and is also called sunroot, sunchoke, or earth apple.  It is a perennial plant that can grow up to 3 meters tall.   This perennial plant with edible roots grows in two spots in the garden … at the back of the fence garden and on the hill garden. Once I realized how tall, and invasive these plants could be I moved them to another couple of spots where there was more space. The
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