Sightings Down by the Bay

Sightings Down by the Bay

The bird sightings continue on our walks down by the bay.  Last week we spotted the lesser yellowlegs.  Here is another photo of one of them stretching its wing and balancing on one leg.

lesser yellowlegs by the Bay of Quinte spotted by

A couple of days later we spotted some least sandpipers.  At first I thought they might be young lesser yellowlegs as they were certainly smaller but and birding expert in our area, Terry Sprague, helped me with the identification and I learned that lesser yellowlegs don’t nest in our area.

least sandpipers down by the Bay of Quinte photo by

There was also a killdeer in the same area with the sandpipers.

a killdeer down by the Bay of Quinte, photo by

The swans are always lovely to photograph and they came very close to the shore for these photos.

photographing the swans by the Bay of Quinte by

Have you sighted and photographed any birds this week?

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