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What’s in the Garden? – K

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It is time for K on the garden tour and at ABC Wednesday. The kitchen garden is a big part of my garden.  I grow tomatoes, potatoes, beans, peas and lots more.  My husband made me three plant tables a few years ago and most of the veggies grow in large containers.  These are right by the deck and it is easy to pop out of the kitchen and pick some fresh food for meals. No bending or deep digging required which is good for my old bones. Kale is one of my favourite veggies and I do grow some in
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K is for Kitchen Garden

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K is for Kitchen Garden. Every year I grow a big kitchen pot garden.  I’ve collected various large containers to grow my tomatoes, beans, peas, onions and potatoes in.  There is nothing so tasty as fresh veggies picked right from outside the kitchen door.     … lots of fresh beans … lettuce ready to add to a salad or a sandwich … fresh peas that are best eaten right out of the pod … lovely home grown potatoes … scarlet runner beans, a reminder of England … tomato plants with onions for companion plants … a delicious bowl of
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