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Raindrops on the Lady’s Mantle

Categories: Macro and Plants.

We have certainly had our share of rain over the past few days.  It has been cold and damp as well but the rain gives me the opportunity to go out and take photos of the raindrops on the leaves. Lady’s Mantle is one of my favourite places to capture raindrop photos.  The leaves seem to curl just enough to catch the drops.  And the drops seem to magnify the area underneath. These images were taken with the super macro setting on my Olympus camera.  It brings out all the tiny hairs around the edges of the leaf. SaveSave
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Categories: Plants and Seeds.

  Lupins are a tall perennial plant that prefers full sun and dry soil. They bloom in late spring or early summer, usually around June.  Lupins are of Egyptian or East Mediterranean origin. The plant belongs to the Lupinus family of legumes.  Pea like flowers grow on a tall flower spike.  I remember a huge clump of lupins that my Dad had growing just outside his kitchen door in England.  When asked why they grew so well he used to say he emptied his teapot on them each morning! Lupin seeds do not always grow true to the colour of
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L is for Lady’s Mantle

Categories: Plants.

L is for Lady’s Mantle – alchemilla mollis. This beautiful perennial plant is best known for its leaves.  I love to photogaph the cup shaped leaves after a gentle rain.  The rain drops will bead up on the leaf and slide slowly towards the center.   I have a series of photos I’ve taken, printed and framed, in the bathroom.  Each has raindrops on it … lady’s mantle, hostas, and hens & chicks. You can see the flower buds forming in the center of these leaves. The plant gets quite big and round and about 25 cm. high.  There are
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