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Gardening on the Up and Up

Categories: Whimsy.

It is pouring of rain today, so what a great opportunity to sort through photos that I took over the past 2 days … that were perfect weather days for being outside. My gardening is on the up and up … with tipsy pots and buckets and ladder planters. My tipsy pots and buckets have been doing really well this year, probably from the rain that is making them grow and grow.       The tipsy buckets, first year for this up and up gardening, was planted with petunias, some creeping jenny and some wandering jew in the south
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Ladder Planter

Categories: Craf-tea, Garden Projects, and Whimsy.

For a few years I’ve used an old wooden stepladder as a planter in the garden.  It has gone through many changes and locations.  This year it actually started out by the trellis garden and I had some hyacinth bean vines growing up one side.  But now that it is time to start cleaning up the garden I moved the ladder planter up to a spot on the deck. I also call this the tea thyme ladder as when I had it in the garden I had a large clump of thyme growing underneath it and all the plants are
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The Ladder Planter Evolves

Categories: Garden Projects and Whimsy.

I have used an old wooden step ladder as a planter for several years now.  It gives the garden a vertical aspect.  At first I just used the rungs to display pots, but quickly found out that was very limiting. The pots had to be screwed onto the rungs.  It looked great from the front but the back left something to be desired.     I tried it this was for 2 years.  I was really pleased with the petunias in the second year, but the back was still lacking.    . By 2010 I had come up with an idea
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