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Alphabetical Gardening – L

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~ It’s time for all L to break loose in the garden. My favourite has to be Little Red who seems to have claimed our garden and lets all the other squirrels know they are in his/her territory.  Little Red loves to explore … sitting on the frog, inside the birdhouse, on the washing line, munching snacks, checking out the sign post and relaxing on the deck railing. Little Red Garden whimsy starting with L includes ladybug rocks and claypot lighthouses. L whimsy Plants starting with L are numerous (left to right top then bottom)  … lupins, lilies, liatris, ligularia, let’s
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Spotting Eagles

Categories: Birds and British Columbia.

E for Eagles. The thing we look for the most when visiting British Columbia is the eagles.  Our favourite place to see them is Goldstream Park in Victoria BC. This year we were so lucky to see many eagles, perhaps because of the time of year we were visiting.  They go to the park because of the salmon run and in mid December there were many salmon dead on the banks of the stream (finished spawning) and the eagles are there to have a feast. It was a foggy day when we visiting but there were so many eagles in
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The Clay Pot Lighthouse

Categories: Garden Projects and Whimsy.

It paid to do some cleaning and moving of the garden workbench as I found all sorts of things that I thought had got lost, been tossed aside or just forgotten about.  In the process of moving the workbench back outside (it had been moved in the garage while a new deck was being built in 2012 and never got back outside till now!) I found an awful lot of clay pots … from very small to quite big.  I use a lot of these pots for my tipsy pots and to plant hostas in.  But the rest were just
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