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Reading Rocks!

Categories: Crafty's Projects, Rocks, and Whimsy.

Reading really does rock! I love reading, actual books over online readers, and created a few reading rocks to leave in some of the little free libraries we’ve seen on our travels. This rock was painted green on both sides. Remember that each side must be totally dry before turning it over. I had a little sketch to follow (upper right corner). The trick to paining rocks is patience … be sure to wait for each section to dry before moving on to the next phase. First white lines were painted on to represent the shelves. Then different coloured rectangles
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The Ecology Garden

Categories: Out and About.

One morning we headed out to Cobourg, to pick up a special order at our favourite British store, to walk the beach and hopefully find some lake glass, and to make our first visit to the Cobourg Ecology Garden. One piece of lake glass we found was marked Heinz Co with the number 255 on it. Some research on the internet found a list of glass codes by the Heinz company. This one was from a 14 ounce ketchup bottle made between 1918 and 1943. Wow, it is an old piece and will be kept with all the other glass
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