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Alphabetical Gardening – L

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~ It’s time for all L to break loose in the garden. My favourite has to be Little Red who seems to have claimed our garden and lets all the other squirrels know they are in his/her territory.  Little Red loves to explore … sitting on the frog, inside the birdhouse, on the washing line, munching snacks, checking out the sign post and relaxing on the deck railing. Little Red Garden whimsy starting with L includes ladybug rocks and claypot lighthouses. L whimsy Plants starting with L are numerous (left to right top then bottom)  … lupins, lilies, liatris, ligularia, let’s
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The Antics of Little Red

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Little Red gets up to all sorts of antics in the garden.  The past week there have been two of them … siblings? partners? or friends?  They had a great time at the feeders. They were on the pole feeder … one sitting and one hanging. It even appeared they were chattering to each other. Perhaps this one thought it was a ride at the amusement park as he sat in the coconut feeder and enjoyed the seed. This one was a contortionist and took all sorts of poses. The American red squirrel is found across most of North America
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