Common and Hooded Mergansers

Common and Hooded Mergansers


Ducks are usually so obliging when you want to take photographs unless they decide to dive under the water as you click the shutter button or they turn their head just when you think you have the perfect shot or they are a long way out of range or the lighting isn’t quite right and the photos come out dark.  Well okay, maybe they aren’t so obliging after all.

upside down ducks at Albert Head Lagoon, BC taken by

I’m lucky to have a few good photos of the common merganser and the hooded merganser.  Some are from out trips to British Columbia and some are from local spots like the Wellington Beach or down by the Bay of Quinte.

The common merganser sits low in the water and frequently dives for small fish.  These are photos of the female common merganser from different locations.  They are also sometimes called goosanders and are diving ducks.

the common merganser by

The male hooded merganser is a lovely black and white headed duck with a white tummy and chestnut coloured wings. The big white spot at the back of its head will opens and closes up at certain times.  Hooded mergansers are the smallest of the mergansers.

the hooded merganser taken by

Here are some more photos of this diving duck taken from different angles.  Thank goodness for digital as all those photos that just weren’t good enough could easily be deleted.

the hooded merganser taken by

One of these days I’m going to get several of my favourite duck photos printed and create a display of them.

Until then I’m sharing with Wild Bird WednesdayI’d Rather B Birdin’ and Saturday’s Critters.

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