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A Mosaic Flower Pot

Categories: Crafty's Projects and Whimsy.

One of the Creative Crafting projects was to make a mosaic flower pot using broken china, tile adhesive, grout and of course a clay flower pot. The pieces of broken china were put onto the pot using tile adhesive. It was a slow process getting them all to stick and putting them together like a jigsaw puzzle but with spaces in between. At home, I broke some more china to finish off the pot. Once the pot was covered and dry it was time to add the grout, which is a messy and tedious job. You need to be sure
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How to Make a Trivet

Categories: Crafty's Projects.

~ You can easily make your own trivet out of a 7 inch cork circle, broken tiles, tile adhesive, mod podge and coloured sand.   We recently made one in the Creative crafting group that meets on Fridays. The cork circles can be purchased at dollar stores and tiles can be obtained from the Re-Store or any hardware/home improvement store. The tiles are broken into pieces with a tile cutter and arranged on the cork base.  It was best to fill in around the edges first and then work inwards. At first the tiles were just arranged on the cork
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