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Alphabetical Gardening – N

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My alphabetical gardening posts are up to N this week … nuthatches, nasturtiums, ninebark and maybe more. The nuthatch is a winter visitor to the gardens, returning in October and leaving the by the following April.  We get both varieties, the rose breasted and the white breasted.   What fun to see their characteristic upside down pose on the feeders. In February 2019 we rescued a nuthatch that had flown into the window. He was stunned and sat for awhile and soaked up some warmth from my husband’s hand. Then after awhile it flew away. Nasturtiums are an annual that
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N is for Nasturtiums

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N is for nasturtiums or Trapaeolum. Nasturtiums are a beautiful annual plant that grow well in large containers or right in the garden. The flowers and young leaves are edible as long as you haven’t used any sort of pesticide on them.  The plant is related to mustard and cress hence the tangy taste. They also act like insect repellent and are wonderful companion plants, deterring white flies, squash bugs, and they are a trap crop for aphids.  They also attract beneficial insects and of course hummingbirds. Believe it or not these plants are growing in a tub from an old washing
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