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Nuts and Pinecones for Decorating

Categories: Christmas and Nature Crafts.

~ We are into November and the days are getting chillier and shorter so it is time to get into crafting mode.  Besure to visit the Christmas page from the drop down menu to see all my ideas.  I recently shared  some craf-tea ideas.  Nuts and pinecones are the theme for this post.  I”m a collector of items from Nature and they can be used for some lovely Christmas crafts. The first is a pinecone and candle centre piece.  The base is a wicker plate with a candle in the middle and decorated with pinecones and small ornaments.  Small pieces of
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Colour Changing Pinecones

Categories: Garden Projects and Nature Crafts.

~ How do you change the colour of pinecones?  Soak them in a bleach solution of course! This is a project that was on my to do list for awhile, however I just got around to doing it now that Fall is here. From the pinecone collection I chose a variety of sizes, and they went from this to this, in a few easy steps. I had seen the almost white pinecones in various stores and displays and did some research on how to do it myself.   I found it was an easy process with water, bleach and a
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Making a Shell Wreath

Categories: Collections, Crafty's Projects, and Nature Crafts.

~ I’m a collector of many things and one of those things is shells.  I can’t resist picking up shells when we are visiting British Columbia.  Over the years I’ve collected so many in different shapes, sizes and varieties.  Usually they are just stored in a basket on the deck.  But after awhile even the basket gets full and you can’t appreciate the shells.  This year I decided to make a shell wreath out of them. The first task was to sort the shells in different types and sizes. I’ve got mussels, scallops, clams, periwinkles, hornshells, mudflat snails, limpets, oysters
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How to Make Shell Candles

Categories: Collections, Nature Crafts, and Whimsy.

Who can resist picking up shells while at the beach?  I know I can’t and have accumulated quite a lot over the years of collecting.   Then comes the question of what to do with them? On our numerous visits to British Columbia I’ve been a shell collector while walking along the gorgeous beaches.  The shells in the top left photo didn’t come from BC but were either from garage sales or from gifts from friends from their vacations.  The broken ones get tossed back and only the whole ones get saved. This year I’m trying to use the shells
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Making a Pinecone Feeder

Categories: Birds, Garden Projects, and Nature Crafts.

Here is a quick and easy bird feeder for the kids and grandkids to make. You need a pinecone, string, lard, peanut butter, and some bird seed.  The bigger the pinecone the better as you will be able to get more food all over it. This is a good way to use up those not so perfect pinecones you collected.  Tie the string, I use butcher cord, around each pinecone and knot tightly.  Be sure to use a longer piece of string so that it can be joined at the end to form a loop to hang over the tree
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How to Make a Gate Tree

Categories: Crafty's Projects, Garden Projects, Nature Crafts, and Whimsy.

    How do you turn an old gate into a conversation piece for the garden?  Just add some branches and some rocks and turn it into a gate tree. I originally made a small rock tree on a piece of wood.  This one measured about 23 cm x 41 cm, which was the size of the piece of wood I used. But I was thinking bigger and decided to use the old gate that was saved when the deck was replaced several years ago.  This is about 1.3 meters tall Now it was time to put all the planning and
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Twig Trees

Categories: Christmas, Garden Projects, and Nature Crafts.

Make some simple twig trees to add to a gift box or gift tag. You need some twigs from the garden that can be cut into sizes that will form a tree when laid out.   A star or decoration for the top is also needed. You could use a glue gun or white glue to fasten the tree to your tag or box or cardboard.   It depends how you will use the tree as to what it will go on to. I laid out the twigs on a piece of cardboard and thought it would make a nice door
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