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What’s in the Garden? – O

Categories: Alphabetical Gardening.

~ O-o-o-o what did I find in the garden that starts with O for this week.  I’m really enjoying this alphabetical gardening challenge each week. The gorgeous orange orioles are frequent summer visitors to the garden.  I make nectar for them but never add any colour.  They also love slices of oranges and will peck at them for nourishment. Blobs of grape jelly are a favourite of theirs too. We had lots in the spring of this year but now they have left for a better climate. orioles I’ve made a grape vine obelisk for the garden.  One year I
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Egyptian Walking Onions

Categories: The Garden 2018 and Vegetables.

~ Egyptian walking onions, also called tree onions, perennial onions, winter onions, or just walking onions belong to the allium genus.  They prefer growing in full sun, are extremely hardy and easy to grow.  I find these onions are fascinating to grow in the garden. They are one of the first plants to poke through the ground in the spring.  At the top of each stem a small bulb starts to grow. From this develops the onion for next year. When the plant gets top heavy the stem bends over and the little onions plant themselves into the ground. After several
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O for Osprey

Categories: Birds and Down by the Bay.

A favourite bird for us to observe and photograph is the osprey.  Osprey are fish eating birds of prey. There are a few osprey nesting platforms around the bay and on our walks we’ve always got our eye on them to see what activity is going on. The nesting platforms are high up on a pole with a wooden base and a perch for lookout.  Here you can see the male and female in the next of twigs.  There is a standard pattern for the nesting platforms if by chance you are interested in building one. They love to keep
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Categories: Plants and Vegetables.

 This is the first time I’m trying to grow okra seed in my veggie container garden.  The seeds were given out at Canada Blooms, which we visited last March. This isn’t a veggie that is on my shopping list and I did some research on it to see how it grew and what it could be used for.   After all that I’m still not certain I’ll add it to my shopping list but it is a learning experience to try different things each year.  Okra is native to Africa and is related to hibiscus, cotton, and hollyhocks.  After blooming it produces
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O for Orioles

Categories: Birds.

We love it when the orioles return in the spring.   Their vibrant orange makes them noticeable  high up in the pine trees.  The Northern orioles have two very closely related species … the Baltimore oriole and the Bullock’s oriole.  The Baltimore oriole, which we see the most of, has a black hood or all black head while the Bullock’s oriole has orange cheeks. As with most birds the male is the brightly coloured one and the female has more dull colours. We have an oriole feeder but use the same food we use for the hummingbirds, which is 1
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O for Obedient Plant

Categories: Plants and Seeds.

O for Obedience plant … a perennial plant that isn’t always obedient in the garden as it can become quite invasive. Or is it O for obedient plant … that shows no obedience when growing in the garden. Obedience/obedient plant or physostegia grows well in most types of soil and likes full sun to a bit of shade.  Newer varieties are being developed that aren’t so invasive.  I have white and pink plants in the garden and tend to plant them at the edge of the garden where the mower cuts down the shoots that spread into the grass. The common
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