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Creating with Old Glass Dishes

Categories: Crafty's Projects and Whimsy.

I’ve got quite a collection of bits and pieces that came from garage sales, the back of the china cupboard or were given to me by friends who know I’ll make something with it. This time I used a pretty dish from a garage sale, a couple of glass risers that were used on a multi tier cake and some other  little dishes. I used silicone all purpose adhesive as I wanted it to dry clear.  After a few minutes I had a cute little trinket stand that stands on a dresser and is a catch all for little bits
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Splish … Splash

Categories: Crafty's Projects, Garden Projects, Lens Friends, and Whimsy.

Splish Splash I was taking a bath. Does your memory stretch back to that song by Bobby Darin?  I do believe I have that song on a 45 record … have you got any of those? I had made 2 different birdbaths, one for the front and one for the back garden.   The one in the back garden had more visitors than the one in the front garden.  One day it got knocked over and the top came off, and part of it cracked, so it got put in the garage cupboard along with the other one and I
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For the Birds

Categories: Garden Projects and Whimsy.

I love having some fun creating glass totems.  I had collected lots of clear glass from thrift stores, from donations from friends and from cleaning out the cupboards. I picked out 3 pieces … a patterned  bud vase, a clear dish with a curly edge, and a divided serving dish to make a birdbath or drinking station.   I liked the idea of the divided dish as it would give the birds a place to perch while getting a little drink.  I grabbed my trusty tube of E6000 glue and started to glue them together.  Each piece needed pressing and
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The Glass Totems

Categories: Crafty's Projects, Garden Projects, and Whimsy.

Every garden deserves a little whimsy. Glass totems have been circulating the internet for ages.  I started collecting some various glass pieces from thrift stores when a friend mentioned she really like the glass totems we had seen at a craft sale. The fun part was stacking them in different ways to see which looked best.  I collected all clear glass this time.  I didn’t want the patterns on the glass to be overshadowed by various colours. Plates, bowls, glasses and candle holders were glued together to make this first one.  It took awhile to make as I glued 2
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