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Osprey Wings

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What a wing span! The osprey landing on the nesting platform on the Moira River, Station Street, Belleville, Ontario, Canada. Just gorgeous! Have a lovely day. Connect: Bloglovin’ /  Contact form / Instagram/ Subscribe by Email SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave
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O for Osprey

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A favourite bird for us to observe and photograph is the osprey.  Osprey are fish eating birds of prey. There are a few osprey nesting platforms around the bay and on our walks we’ve always got our eye on them to see what activity is going on. The nesting platforms are high up on a pole with a wooden base and a perch for lookout.  Here you can see the male and female in the next of twigs.  There is a standard pattern for the nesting platforms if by chance you are interested in building one. They love to keep
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Osprey are large raptors.  They can be up to 60 cm. in length and have a wingspan of up to 180 cm.  They prefer nesting close to water so they are close to the food supply.  Its diet is fish and it has the ability to circle the water looking for food, then dive and catch the fish with its sharp claws or talons. There are a few locations by the Bay of Quinte of nesting platforms used by the osprey. This is one location beside the Moira River.  The nesting pole is on the right of the photo and
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