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P for Plant Tables

Categories: Vegetables.

A couple of years ago my husband re-purposed the old deck wood into plant tables. They are very sturdy and can hold a lot of weight.  A basic frame was made from some 4×4’s and some 2×6’s.  Then across the top are 2×4’s. At first they were put where space was available …. at the end of the trellis garden, beside the deck and behind the windmill garden.  We knew these wouldn’t be the permanent homes for them but they certainly worked well in those locations. Last year towards the end of April before the planting season began we moved the
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Alaska Peas

Categories: Seeds and Vegetables.

Peas are very ap’pea’ling. There is nothing better than popping out into the garden and picking some peas and eating them fresh from the pod. Sow pea seeds in early spring.  Plant about 2.5 cm deep and cover with soil.  Space the seeds apart about 5 cm. I plant them in small batches a couple of weeks apart then the harvest time will be spread out. Once they pop through the ground the true leaves will start to form. Mine are planted in a good sized bucket with a wire trellis in the middle. I also had lots planted in
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Poppin’ Poppies

Categories: Plants and Seeds.

P is for Poppies. The seedlings pop through the ground in April.  They are little hairy leaves that grow quite quickly. Those green fuzzy heads start popping up in early May.  They are quite fascinating to watch as they slowly split open to reveal the orange/red blooms.  At first the petals are tightly closed together and then they gradually open to reveal a gorgeous bloom. There is a spot on the hill that we let them grow and grow.  This variety of poppy can be very invasive as they spread rapidly by underground roots but they are still a favourite.
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P is for Peruvian Daffodils

Categories: Plants.

P is for Peruvian daffodils. I’ve picked a gardening theme for Alphabe-Thursday so that I can post photos of beautiful blooms to cheer us up through the cold, winter days.  Peruvian Daffodils are sometimes referred to as spider flower, probably for the long petals and stamens.  They belong to the family of Amaryllidaceae I love the green stripes inside the plant.  The blooms can be up to 10 cm. across. These are tender perennials where I live and I dig the bulbs each fall and store them in a cool, dark place. Each spring I plant the bulbs in large pots.
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Pileated Woodpecker

Categories: Birds.

What a thrill to see a pileated woodpecker in the back garden.   There she was at the base of the old dead tree drilling away in search of insects. A bit of research in the birding books told us this was a female.  On the male the red on the head goes all the way down to the beak.  Also the males have a red stripe to the side of the beak. I took my first photos through the kitchen door and then I moved onto the deck when she didn’t fly away.  She was so intent on finding her
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