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Christmas is Coming

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December has started and the festive season just seems to sneak right up on us. Having homemade decoration or gifts or gift wrapping makes it all the more special.  With less than a month to go, time is getting scarce and I may not publish as many posts of the site as usual.   Browse my collection of the various crafts and decorating ideas that have been previously shared on my website.  I hope you find an idea or two to make yourself. Decorating the home candle centerpiece hoe, hoe, hoe greenery baskets and pots greenery skates nature tree nutty family
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Feeding the Birds

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It is that time of year to think about putting out some tasty treats for the birds. One of the most popular posts I have is for all season suet. Through trial and error I have found the birds prefer this suet mix to the store bought kind. I make up a couple of batches at a time and keep it handy in the freezer. We recently purchased a long coil feeder. This is suitable for holding a cob of corn or some suet balls. The starling loves it as he can perch on the top and peck at the
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Bleached Pinecones & Fall Wreaths

Categories: Crafty's Projects and Nature Crafts.

~ How do you change the colour of pinecones?  Soak them in a bleach solution of course! The Fall decorations have been slowly coming out now it is September and the weather is changing. I found this older post on bleaching pinecones and updated it to my new WordPress format, updated some photos and links to other posts. From the pinecone collection I chose a variety of sizes, and they went from this …. to this, in a few easy steps. I had seen the almost white pinecones in various stores and displays and did some research on how to
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Nuts and Pinecones for Decorating

Categories: Christmas and Nature Crafts.

~ We are into November and the days are getting chillier and shorter so it is time to get into crafting mode.  Besure to visit the Christmas page from the drop down menu to see all my ideas.  I recently shared  some craf-tea ideas.  Nuts and pinecones are the theme for this post.  I”m a collector of items from Nature and they can be used for some lovely Christmas crafts. The first is a pinecone and candle centre piece.  The base is a wicker plate with a candle in the middle and decorated with pinecones and small ornaments.  Small pieces of
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A Pinecone Wreath

Categories: Christmas, Crafty's Projects, and Garden Projects.

~ I’m a  collector and can’t resist picking up pine cones in all shapes and sizes.  I love to use Nature’s treasure to create projects for inside and outside our home.  I have had a pinecone wreath for several years now and by adding little accents it changes for the seasons. This one starts with a wooden circle that my husband cut out for me out of light ply wood, about 30 cm. in diameter and 5 cm wide for glueing on to.  This photo shows the back of the wreath as I didn’t take photos when I made this
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A Fall Center Piece

Categories: Crafty's Projects.

~ It’s Fall.  Cooler weather in our part of Ontario and it’s Thanksgiving this weekend. At the Creative Crafting group we created a Fall centre piece from an old plate, burlap, artificial leaves, pine cones, acorns and a gourd. The photo below show it all together at the craft session but I didn’t get it all glued as I wanted to use the stronger glue gun I had at home.   So I took a picture of it, dismantled it and took it home to work on.  At first it was on a wicker plate with no bow or ribbon.
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Making a Pinecone Feeder

Categories: Birds, Garden Projects, and Nature Crafts.

Here is a quick and easy bird feeder for the kids and grandkids to make. You need a pinecone, string, lard, peanut butter, and some bird seed.  The bigger the pinecone the better as you will be able to get more food all over it. This is a good way to use up those not so perfect pinecones you collected.  Tie the string, I use butcher cord, around each pinecone and knot tightly.  Be sure to use a longer piece of string so that it can be joined at the end to form a loop to hang over the tree
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A Candle Centerpiece

Categories: Christmas and Garden Projects.

While searching through the craft closet for something I came across some wicker plate holders.  This reminded me of a craft I had made with the girls when they were young. The wicker plates were used as the base of a candle centerpiece using pinecones, greenery and a candle.  These make nice hostess gifts, teacher gifts, or last minute gifts for someone you may have left off your list.  This isn’t an expensive craft, just the cost of the candle (around a $1 from those wonderful dollar stores) and the cost of the wicker plates. The wicker plates were bought
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