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The Promise of Tasty Veggies

Categories: The Garden 2017 and Vegetables.

  The month of July has arrived.  June broke all rainfall records as it just kept raining and raining and in between we had a few lovely sunny and warm days.  We all know we shouldn’t over water our plants but I think someone forgot to tell Mother Nature!  We are on the verge of being water logged! On my last garden update I shared the different garden areas and this time I’m sharing the kitchen gardens on my plant tables.  I love popping out the back door and just off the deck to pick the fresh veggies.  The plants
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Enjoying the Weather

Categories: Down by the Bay and The Garden 2017.

Enjoying the Weather We have had some really nice days, just perfect for walking by the bay, decorating the garden, and relaxing and reading outside. The water was calm and clear on our walk by the bay at the end of the week. Look at the water dripping off the swan’s beak as it came up after  dunking for food This swan has a lot to say as a gull tried to move in on its territory. The osprey was letting us know she was on her nest … perhaps protecting young.  This is one of the nests that we check
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P for Plant Tables

Categories: Vegetables.

A couple of years ago my husband re-purposed the old deck wood into plant tables. They are very sturdy and can hold a lot of weight.  A basic frame was made from some 4×4’s and some 2×6’s.  Then across the top are 2×4’s. At first they were put where space was available …. at the end of the trellis garden, beside the deck and behind the windmill garden.  We knew these wouldn’t be the permanent homes for them but they certainly worked well in those locations. Last year towards the end of April before the planting season began we moved the
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April in the Garden

Categories: The Garden 2014.

The weather has finally been nice for more than a day and we have been taking advantage and working in the garden.  The first big job we tackled was to get the plant tables into their new home.  They were in 3 different locations last year and by the time we got around to thinking about moving them all the plants were well established.  So it was put off till this year.
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K is for Kitchen Garden

Categories: Plants and Vegetables.

K is for Kitchen Garden. Every year I grow a big kitchen pot garden.  I’ve collected various large containers to grow my tomatoes, beans, peas, onions and potatoes in.  There is nothing so tasty as fresh veggies picked right from outside the kitchen door.     … lots of fresh beans … lettuce ready to add to a salad or a sandwich … fresh peas that are best eaten right out of the pod … lovely home grown potatoes … scarlet runner beans, a reminder of England … tomato plants with onions for companion plants … a delicious bowl of
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