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Alphabetical Gardening – P

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I’ve found birds, plants, decorations, and garden spaces for this week’s alphabetical gardening letter P. The pine siskins are cute visitors to the garden.  Their yellow wing bars sets them apart from sparrows and goldfinches. In the Fall I love to add some pumpkin heads to the garden.  These are made by either turning the pumpkin into a planter or by adding bits and pieces from the tool bench to create the faces. The plants in the garden starting with p can be endless … pansies, peonies, petunias, poppies, periwinkle, phlox, prairie coneflowers and parsley.  Each blooms at different times
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‘Eye’m Looking at You

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Last year I started creating some pumpkin heads for the garden.  I’m not in need of the traditional jack o’lantern anymore as we don’t get any trick or treaters at the door. But I decided that the Fall decorating should include some fun garden related pumpkins. ‘Eye’m looking at you! Meet Mr Bits & Pieces was made from some odds and ends I found on the tool bench.  This pumpkin head was easy to make by just pushing the bits (twigs,screws, washers, pvc pipe, a hose tap, and some cabinet fasteners) into the pumpkin.  I used an old bbq skewer to poke the
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