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Quails for Q

Categories: Birds, British Columbia, and Lens Friends.

 We loved seeing quail on our visits to British Columbia.  Some research tells me this is a California quail, found along the Pacific coast of the USA and Vancouver Island and the southern part of British Columbia.   They are small to mid size birds in the pheasant family. The distinctive head markings on the male are lovely and don’t you just love that little plume feather on the top of its head?  It’s made up of 6 feathers that curl towards the front.  The female has a little top knot but it doesn’t curl as much as the male one. Here
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From the Upper Balcony

Categories: British Columbia and Lens Friends.

When is a balcony a deck? or vice versa?   While in British Columbia I did a lot of photo taking from the second level balcony.  But it had stairs that went to the backyard, so does that make it a raised deck?  Whatever it was, it provided great views around the back of the house and I got into the habit of going out at certain time of the day to spot some wildlife.
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