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Down by the Bay

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  While walking down by the bay we spotted a pair of lesser yellowlegs shorebirds.  These were most likely migrant birds passing through.  We had seen the greater yellowlegs while in British Columbia last year. These were feeding in a muddy patch and some shallow water left over from the high waters in the lake where it flooded a few areas on the waterfront trail. I was lucky to capture the great blue heron just as it took off in its hunt for more food. It has a huge wingspan. It has been foggy overnight and when we arrived there
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Frankford Locks

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We are very close to the Trent Severn Waterway. This is a canal route extending from Lake Ontario at the Trent River up to the Severn River by Georgian Bay.   There are a series of locks along the waterway to make travel easier past rough parts of the river.  This route was first travelled by Samuel Champlain in 1615.  There are a total of 45 locks along the route, with 2 of them being lift locks.  It is a National Historic Site managed by Parks Canada.  If you are a boater you will have been reading about the exorbitant
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