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How to Make a Gate Tree

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How do you turn an old gate into a conversation piece for the garden?  Just add some branches and some rocks and turn it into a gate tree. I originally made a small rock tree on a piece of wood.  This one measured about 23 cm x 41 cm, which was the size of the piece of wood I used. But I was thinking bigger and decided to use the old gate that was saved when the deck was replaced several years ago.  This is about 1.3 meters tall Now it was time to put all the planning and visualizing from
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Ladybugs in the Garden

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Do you want some help in controlling pests in the garden?Ladybugs are winged insects that belong to the beetle family.  They are small, rounded and usually bright coloured with hardened wing cases to cover the transparent wings.  The red and black markings are a warning to birds and small animals that the ladybug tastes bad. Look for ladybugs  on leaves and stems of plants.  They will eat aphids, mealybugs, scale insects and spider mites. You can encourage ladybugs to live in your garden by making this food recipe. In a bowl mix with a spoon ¼ cup white sugar, 1
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What’s Your Number?

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Here is a quick and easy little craft to make for the garden. You just need a good sized rock, some flat sided gems/marbles and some strong waterproof glue I laid out the number on a flat surface first, then transferred it piece by piece and glued it onto the rock.  This rock, which kind of reminds me of a house, is standing up but I had laid it flat for glueing and drying. I used E6000 glue. The number rock faces the front of the property and is visible from the end of the driveway.  It has been outside
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Canada D’eh

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July 1 is Canada D’eh. I love the play on words for day.  Do you really think Can’eh’dians say eh a lot? It’s July 1st and the day that Canada celebrates its birthday. This year, 2013, Canada is 146 years old. Celebrations are held across the country, some grandiose and some small. One particular memory that stands out in my mind is from 2008 when we were taking the Via Canadian train across Canada to visit family in British Columbia.  We just happened to be on the train for Canada Day.  Celebrations on the train included a huge cake…  decorated
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The Rockin’ Village

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The rockin’ village is exactly that … a village made of rocks. I’ve been busy making a village out of rocks  to add to my garden. I discovered the books by Lin Wellford and just knew I had to have some of these to add to my garden. Being a whimsical village nothing has to be to actual scale. The village has some local gnome residents, a mushroom collection, a rock ladybug and even it’s own streetlight. You will begin to look at rocks in a totally different way. Ones with flat bottoms will stand up properly, ones that are
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