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The Old Ormsby Schoolhouse

Categories: Daycation and Out and About.

I love the summer when we take lots of daycations in and around our area.  Recently we stopped at the Old Ormsby Schoolhouse for their educated dining.  This was an old one room schoolhouse that is now a restaurant that serves lunch, afternoon tea and dinners. What a delightful place to visit.   Before ordering lunch we spent quite awhile looking at all the displays that were set up. I have always found old school houses fascinating, probably because I was a teacher and love all things historical. The inside of this old one room school, closed in the mid
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Here, There, but not Everywhere

Categories: Garden areas, Garden Projects, and Whimsy.

Every garden deserves some garden whimsy and yesterday we added another piece to the back garden.   I’ve always wanted some sort of sign post in the garden and last year when we had to remove an almost dead tree from the back of the garden the sign post started to take place.  The trunk of the tree was left in the ground and a small garden was shaped out around it.
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