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Hello Pep and Salty

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~ I’d like to introduce you to Pep and Salty … the shaker people, the latest addition to my snow folk. They started out as a salt and pepper shakers purchased from the dollar store for $1.25.  I’m wondering how it is a dollar store when there are very few items for a dollar anymore.  One store sells everything for $1.25 and another sells things a random prices in multiples of a dollar.  Perhaps if you are as old as me you remember the 5 and dime stores … ooh that goes back quite a way doesn’t it? I did have
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Snowfolks & Snowflakes

Categories: Christmas.

~ My decorating ideas are about snow this week.  Snowfolk and snowflakes.  The links will take you back to the original posts. The snowman hat makes a cute table centrepiece or display item.  It is easily make from a large can, some cardboard, some spray paint and ribbon to decorate. This year I made a mini snowman hat using a recycled k-cup.  It turned out to be a cute ornament for the tree as it is about 5 cm high. Pep and Salty were made from dollar store salt and pepper shakers.  They were so much fun to make I then added Sprinkle
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