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Snowmen Rocks

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Here’s how to paint some cute snowman/lady rocks. Or to be politically correct should they be snow people or snowfolk rocks? Directions with each photo. Sometimes I use a black permanent marker to add features like eyebrows. I find marker will sometimes bleed if you directly apply a fixative. I always add a Mod Podge layer first, let dry and then add the fixative. I used paint to add the pompom and then had the idea of using actual pompoms. I used E6000 glue to fasten them on after the final coat of Mod Podge and fixative spray. Both sides
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Hello Pep and Salty

Categories: Christmas and Crafty's Projects.

~ I’d like to introduce you to Pep and Salty … the shaker people, the latest addition to my snow folk. They started out as a salt and pepper shakers purchased from the dollar store for $1.25.  I’m wondering how it is a dollar store when there are very few items for a dollar anymore.  One store sells everything for $1.25 and another sells things a random prices in multiples of a dollar.  Perhaps if you are as old as me you remember the 5 and dime stores … ooh that goes back quite a way doesn’t it? I did have
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Snowfolks & Snowflakes

Categories: Christmas.

~ My decorating ideas are about snow this week.  Snowfolk and snowflakes.  The links will take you back to the original posts. The snowman hat makes a cute table centrepiece or display item.  It is easily make from a large can, some cardboard, some spray paint and ribbon to decorate. This year I made a mini snowman hat using a recycled k-cup.  It turned out to be a cute ornament for the tree as it is about 5 cm high. Pep and Salty were made from dollar store salt and pepper shakers.  They were so much fun to make I then added Sprinkle
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The Nutty Snowman

Categories: Nature Crafts.

The nutty snowman is a fun craft to make with the kids and grandkids. The supplies don’t cost very much and most can be purchased from the dollar store and the grocery store. You just need a walnut, a hazelnut, some googly eyes, bits of yarn, a black plastic hat, tiny pom poms, a thin marker, white acrylic paint and some glue.The first task is to paint the nuts white.  Be sure to do this early to give them a chance to dry. Glue the nuts together using either a low temperature glue gun or my glue of choice, Crafter’s Goop.
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