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Searching for Sea Glass

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~ While walking the beaches in British Columbia my eyes were always on the lookout for sea glass.  My quest on this trip was to find sea glass in various colours and sizes. Sea glass can be found on just about any beach but there seemed to be two in particular that yielded the most. It makes you wonder why?  The photo above shows the beach areas at Clover Point in Victoria (top image) and the Glass Beach in Sidney (bottom image). These were two of the best places to search and find and of course the best time was
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A Soapy Incentive

Categories: Crafty's Projects and Kid's Crafts.

Do you need an incentive for the kids or grandkids to wash their hands?  Try making this bar of soap that just might tempt them to wash more often. I saw an idea for making soap for kids by putting a little toy inside the soap.  The site with the idea used a lego person inside, which I know the grandson would love as he’s a lego maniac, but I had just hired both grandkids to be my under gardeners and water the veggies while we were away and I thought this would be a fun thing for them.  So
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