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The Log Owl

Categories: Garden Projects and Whimsy.

~ Last year I made an owl out of recycled bits and pieces.  I originally used an old cutting board but over the year it split in half and I had to rethink the project.  Here is what the recycled owl looked like at the beginning and the end of gardening season last year. Click the link to see how I made it. The pieces were all taken off and then fastened onto a log.  So here is the new member of the Stumpy Family.  The log also has a hole drilled into the top and I added a solar
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First Snow on the Stumpy Family

Categories: The Garden 2017 and What's Been Happening?.

~ A little bit of snow arrived overnight.  First snow is always special, so it was grab the camera and take some photos through the windows and open doors about 6:30 am this morning.  This snow won’t stay around long, in fact it is already melting away. The Stumpys stay outside all winter as I love to take photos of them and they add lots of winter interest to the gardens. The Stumpys were made with tree stumps, mostly collected from the yard waste landfill and faces from various dollar stores.  I always add a hat, usually a flower pot
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Winter Delights- Whimsy

Categories: Through My Lens and Whimsy.

Whether we like it or not, winter is here till almost the end of March.  We moan about it, we curse it, we hate it but we should be looking for the delights of winter. It’s time to be more positive and less negative, so over the next few weeks I’m going to share winter delights captured through my camera lens. When those big fluffy flakes of snow land they turn everything into a white delight.   I try to leave some of the garden whimsy outside all winter just so I can appreciate what it looks like with snowy hats on.
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Meet the Stumpys

Categories: Whimsy.

Awhile ago an old tree that we used to hang bird feeders on toppled over and had to be cut up.  This wood wasn’t going to be any good for firewood as it was dead and decaying. But it came to life in a new way … Stumpys!  It was cut into 3 good sized stumps, of which 2 have been used so far. Meet Mr. Stringy Stumpy … he sits in the fence garden and has a pot of stringy stonecrop on his head.  I’m hoping the plant will grow and trail over his head just like hair.  Mr.
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