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Gardening on the Up and Up

Categories: Whimsy.

It is pouring of rain today, so what a great opportunity to sort through photos that I took over the past 2 days … that were perfect weather days for being outside. My gardening is on the up and up … with tipsy pots and buckets and ladder planters. My tipsy pots and buckets have been doing really well this year, probably from the rain that is making them grow and grow.       The tipsy buckets, first year for this up and up gardening, was planted with petunias, some creeping jenny and some wandering jew in the south
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There’s a Hole in my Bucket

Categories: Garden Projects and Whimsy.

There’s actually more than a hole in one of the buckets … the bottom is totally rusted out.  That gives a whole new meaning to the bottomless pit concept.   Then I have 3 other buckets that each have 4 holes in them.  Another couple of buckets are perfectly fine … but along comes the drill and there is a hole in my bucket!! In other years I’ve just used the buckets to grow plants in … from geraniums to peas. But this year, along came a piece of rebar and those buckets became tipsy. The rebar was hammered into
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