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Gardening on the Up and Up

Categories: Whimsy.

It is pouring of rain today, so what a great opportunity to sort through photos that I took over the past 2 days … that were perfect weather days for being outside. My gardening is on the up and up … with tipsy pots and buckets and ladder planters. My tipsy pots and buckets have been doing really well this year, probably from the rain that is making them grow and grow.       The tipsy buckets, first year for this up and up gardening, was planted with petunias, some creeping jenny and some wandering jew in the south
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How Do You Do That?

Categories: Garden Projects and Whimsy.

Tipsy Pots – How do you do that? Lots of visitors to the house ask this question.  I’d like them all to think I’m a genius at stacking the pots but there is an invisible secret.  I’d also like to tell them it is my idea, but it isn’t.  It is found on many garden sites and blogs.   The secret is the piece of rebar, or a long metal rod that can be pushed into the ground at least  30 cm. to 45 cm.   Slot the first pot over the rod (through the center hole) and down to
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