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Green Zebra Tomatoes

Categories: The Garden 2018 and Vegetables.

~ Each year in my kitchen garden I like to try to grow a different variety of vegetable.  This year I chose to try out green zebra tomatoes.  As well as going through a really hot and humid summer, my garden went through a lot of neglect this year.  I had knee replacement surgery at the beginning of July so basically the plants were left to grow on their own.  My husband did the watering, but I rarely got down the deck stairs to tend to the weeds or the thinning out or the snipping away of dead leaves etc.
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The Promise of Tasty Veggies

Categories: The Garden 2017 and Vegetables.

  The month of July has arrived.  June broke all rainfall records as it just kept raining and raining and in between we had a few lovely sunny and warm days.  We all know we shouldn’t over water our plants but I think someone forgot to tell Mother Nature!  We are on the verge of being water logged! On my last garden update I shared the different garden areas and this time I’m sharing the kitchen gardens on my plant tables.  I love popping out the back door and just off the deck to pick the fresh veggies.  The plants
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T for Tomatoes

Categories: Vegetables.

T for tomatoes … freshly picked from the garden … mouth watering … delicious … red … yellow … orange … big … small. Tomatoes are always referred to as vegetables yet they  are an edible fruit that belong to the nightshade family.  They are a great source of vitamins and minerals and a  source of lycopene.
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