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“Boo”tiful Projects

Categories: Hallowe'en, Knitting, Plastic Canvas, and Sewing.

~ Hallowe’en is a fun time for little children.  It’s a time for witches, ghosts, goblins and jack o’lanterns.  It is a great time of year to make some quick and easy projects.  So why not make some cute Hallowe’en projects for the kids or grandkids. In our family it is an extra special day as our little pumpkin was born on that day in 2009.  She wore her little knitted pumpkin hat I had made on the way home from the hospital.  She still has the hat and one of her dolls wears it now.  Big brother is now
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Pot Holder Towels

Categories: Sewing.

Pot holder towels are a great item to make for your kitchen or to give as a gift.  You need one pot holder and one hand towel, both of which can be purchased at various dollar stores. Find the center of the pot holder and the center of the towel.  Pin together.  The towel will probably be needed to be gathered in to fit the pot holder  Stitch securely. Fold the pot holder in half, stitch a button on the opposite site to the loop.  You can hang this on your over door, fridge door handle or a hook.  It
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A Craf-tea Towel

Categories: Craf-tea and Sewing.

From talking about tea … to sharing teacups  … to rearranging the teapot display … and one thing led to another and I came up with a craf-tea idea.  I had seen this idea on a few sites and thought I would  try making one. I’ve got some friend’s birthdays coming up and wanted something with a personal touch.  You can find the instructions on Martha Stewart’s site.  I used my own template from another craft, an odd bit of material from another sewing project, and a small kitchen towel.   This is my test project, so I used an
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Towel Ring Holder Pattern

Categories: Patterns.

  With the print friendly option you can choose how much or how little you want to print, just mouse over the text for the option to delete. Images can be included or not. Crochet a simple towel holder ring. I devised a pattern using a metal ring and some left over bits of yarn. When the hanger is complete you can button it over the handle on your oven or drawer. I am not a professional pattern writer or designer.  I just like to share patterns with other crafters.  This is my original pattern for personal use only and
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