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Rock Hunting

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Rock hunting goes on in many places in Canada. There is a fantastic group called Sooke to Sidney Rock Hunt on Vancouver Island in British Columbia which shares rocks that are being hidden and those that have been found. We are heading out to Victoria during April and I decided to paint some rocks with trilliums on them to represent Ontario and hide them when we get there. Our grandkids out west have both found rocks that have been lovingly painted and they were thrilled. I started with some flat, roundish rocks (both big and small) that came from some
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Trillium – White and Red

Categories: Plants.

The white trillium has been the provincial flower of Ontario since 1937. The name ‘trillium’ comes from the Latin for ‘three’. The plant has large, often white, three-petaled flowers above three broad bracts that look like leaves. They are members of the lily family.   The trilliums usually bloom in early May.   The root stalk of the plants were used by First Nation Peoples to cure a variety of aliments. They collected them and chewed on them. The Purple Trillium was used by herbalists to treat gangrene.   Trilliums love to grow in the shade. They prefer rich, moist
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