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Parrots in the Garden

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I’ve got parrots in the garden … not real parrots because we don’t live in the right climate … but parrot tulips.  Parrot tulips are known for their colourful, curly, fringed petals that perhaps resemble parrot feathers.  They have gorgeous colour combinations.  These are the tulips that I grew in pots this year and I have been really pleased with the results. Enjoy!    The buds are like parrot beaks and that is where their name comes from. Do you have any parrot tulips in your garden? some of my other macro photos.  More from The Gardener Side plants … seed info … veggies & herbs … bulbs,
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Simply a Tulip

Categories: Through My Lens.

Simplicity … a tulip in bloom from last spring. I’m joining in a new photo link party at A Personal Photo Challenge.  The theme is Simplicity … no clutter.  I used a portrait  setting for this photo and the background is blurred.  I wanted the focus to be on the tulip and not the background. Canon EOS Rebel T1i  … lens 18×55 … zoomed in for clear focus … shutter speed 1/250 … aperture value 5.6 … IOS speed 100 … flash off  … taken April 28, 2012 Image was cropped slightly and resized from 4165×2797 to 800×537 (pixels).  I
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T is for Tulips

Categories: Plants.

Tulips are one of the first blooms of spring.  When the snow begins to vanish from the garden you can see the bulbs poking through the ground.   Tulips are perennial plants that grow from bulbs.  The bulbs are planted in the Fall and will grow and bloom the following spring.  Tulips are associated with the Netherlands but they originated in Turkey. When choosing tulip bulbs, look for plump ones, and plant with the pointed part up.   They prefer a sunny location with fairly good drainage. Ottawa has gorgeous blooms for the tulip festival.   The tulips in Ottawa,
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